AG&P is providing a platform for the delivery of natural gas direct to the customers’ doorstep in emerging markets where fueling infrastructure is absent and rolling out a pipeline is not feasible, AG&P is establishing the supply chain infrastructure and a truck-based delivery chain with a network of mother and daughter gas stations located close to the end-users that will regasify and compress LNG. Truck-based delivery will be complemented with standardized small- and mid-size vessels that can travel in shallow water on coastlines and up rivers, providing customers in difficult marine locations with access to gas supply.
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Fueling infrastructure

AG&P is establishing a network of easily accessible refueling stations to provide CNG and LNG to commercial vehicles.

Fueling equipment

AG&P is planning to expand its services to include the design, manufacture, assembly and integration of LNG equipment.

Small-scale LNG carrier

AG&P designed a unique, small-scale LNG vessel to serve remote demand centers scattered over islands, long coastlines and inland rivers.

Scalable delivery platform

AG&P has developed a highly flexible scalable delivery platform for efficiently transferring LNG to power plants, bunker fuel operations, transportation fleets and other industrial users.