Founded in 1900, AG&P is a global industrial infrastructure company, delivering pragmatic gas logistics solutions and construction services for blue-chip clients across some of the world’s most demanding infrastructure projects.

  • Gas Logistics: AG&P makes natural gas available to end-consumers in emerging markets through its integrated gas logistics platforms, anchored on its City Gas Distribution (CGD) networks, that deliver natural gas directly to houses, gas stations, industrial and commercial establishments, providing easy access to cost-effective energy.
  • Construction Services:
    • A global leader in onshore and offshore infrastructure, AG&P has an outstanding track record in executing complex projects including LNG liquefaction, E-houses and complex process modules for LNG plants, refineries, petrochemical facilities, mining operations and utilities plants.
    • AG&P’s FieldCOM Division deploys highly trained, experienced professionals and craftsmen to project sites, bringing international standards to even the harshest and most remote locations.

Throughout its history, AG&P has focused on providing solutions that increase efficiencies, lower costs and accelerate schedule, enabling a project to become operational sooner. AG&P’s world-leading safety record and outstanding performance for blue chip clients demonstrates its execution capabilities and provides the foundations for becoming a global leader in gas logistics.
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