Delivering tolled gas and flexible LNG infrastructure solutions

  • AG&P provides the complete spectrum of infrastructure assets that enable LNG distribution and last-mile delivery to power plants, mines, bunker fuel operations, transportation fleets, cold storage and other industrial applications
  • Through strategic partnerships, licenses and investments, AG&P offers end-to-end solutions across the LNG value chain:
  • Design and engineering: AG&P owns a major stake of GAS Entec (GET ), the world’s leading small- to mid-scale LNG engineering firm based in Korea, to offer sophisticated LNG design and engineering
  • Storage: Secured only one of three global licenses from GTT, the highly regarded French company, to build LNG membrane tanks, onshore and offshore, anywhere
  • Regasification: A leader in regasification research and development, AG&P is integrating the technology and equipment of Air Liquide into our LNG regasification systems and portfolio to deliver standardized regasification skid/module designs
  • LNG transfer system design: Through its partnerships, AG&P offers best-in-class ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore floating, cryogenic transfer systems that eliminate the need for expensive jetties and breakwaters
  • Liquefaction: Provides small-scale liquefaction at source for distribution by LNG truck or vessel to small users, typically from stranded gas assets
  • Standardized power generation: Offers industry-leading power generation equipment, both onshore and offshore, that is flexible to various capacities and standard power barge design together with partner, Air Liquide

Floating and onshore storage

Floating and onshore regasification

Fuel bunkering


LNG filling stations

LNG transfer

LNG trucking and logistics

Mobile port

Specialized platform and mooring infrastructure

Stand-alone LNG equipment