• AG&P and GAS Entec deliver the full design, engineering, construction and assembly for various small- and mid-scale LNG vessels, including the design, assembly and, or integration of sub-components, such as cargo handling and control systems
  • To meet versatile requirements, AG&P has designed a small-scale LNG carrier (LNGC) capable of both self-propulsion across open waters and the ability to de-ballast to two meters or less, whilst fully laden with its cargo of LNG. This allows the vessel to also operate in the shallow coastal and riverine approaches, found at a number of delivery terminals in archipelagos like Indonesia and the Philippines
  • The vessel cargo capacity is scalable from 4,000m3 to 8,000m3 without modifying the hull or propulsion platforms. It allows access to shallow rivers and restricted harbors specifying maximum two-meter draft. It can travel near shore or receive LNG cargo from FSU anchored offshore. It is designed for both the sea and riverine environments. The minimum speed requirement is 8 knots. The barge does not need handling tugs and has a full Dynamic Positioning DP2 designation
  • The barge features a GTT Mark III cryogenic membrane Cargo Containment System (CCS) built into the hull. This design affords both a lower center of gravity in a sea kindly hull, assuring not only safe open water traverses, but also an optimized length and beam for AG&P’s vessel to de-ballast to two meters or less and safely operate in the client’s terminal facilities
  • The design, assembly and/or integration of sub-components, such as GAS Entec’s BoG handling equipment, cargo handling and control systems are executed by AG&P

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