A complete solution

  • AG&P’s E-houses are pre-fabricated modular buildings that integrate electrical, instrumentation, mechanical and HVAC systems inside an engineered structure that can be fire- and blast-rated. These E-houses are fully tested, bio-secure and can be delivered to site and completely ready to operate immediately
  • AG&P provides complete E-house project lifecycle services that start with the detailed design and engineering, and include procurement, assembly, testing, pre-commissioning, as well as delivery and installation at site, according to our client’s overall instructions
  • The most complex and intricate components of any project or facility are the instrumentation, control and electrical and, or power systems. These have to be installed in secure structures and the integration of such sensitive equipment and switchgear demands a highly-skilled workforce. So far, developers have had little option but to execute these works at the project site, mandates specialized storage and construction facilities just to handle such equipment. In addition, site works have demanded sourcing a specialized workforce often in a location in which these professionals don’t reside in – an expensive proposition
  • AG&P brings a solution for this that allows project developers to build the nerve centers of their plants and facilities in a highly controlled environment, where a skilled and experienced workforce is supported by state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to deliver high-quality products safely, on schedule and at a lower cost
  • AG&P’s modularized E-houses solutions are designed to be scalable and flexible to meet just about any project requirement. We build E-houses that range from the size of a six-meter container to a multi-storey building, weighing well over 1,000 tons. AG&P’s multi-disciplinary engineering team delivers work that meets all major global standards and engages closely with customers to define solutions that best fit their needs

E-house brochure

Factory-level quality in the middle of dense jungles, deserts, frozen plains and deep oceans

Access to the best cross-section of value and talent across the globe

Testing and pre-commissioning in a controlled environment

Reduced project time for completion due to parallel processing with on-site construction

Minimal set-up costs as modules are designed to plug-and-play

Reduced impact on local ecosystems as man-hours are moved off-site

  • Borders are irrelevant as long as there is a connection by ship, barge, inter-modal containers, rail or truck. AG&P’s E-houses can be engineered to fit any of these transportation envelopes
  • AG&P’s E-house applications span the oil and gas, petrochemicals, power, mining and infrastructure industries. If a project requires electrical or control equipment, AG&P’s modularized E-house solution becomes an essential component of the execution strategy saving time and money