• AG&P wholly owns an enormous manufacturing facility 110 km south of Manila, comprising 150 hectares with 125,000 MT of module assembly capacity across two sites, both with deep-water access, for reliable and efficient 24/7 production
  • AG&P’s manufacturing facilities can produce annually up to 60,000 tons of fabricated steel and 600,000 dia-inches of fabricated piping, comprising 125,000 tons of assembled modules
  • AG&P facilities include two self-functioning yards, each with its own deep-sea port, and state-of-the-art production shops operating highly advanced automation throughout the manufacturing process
  • At the heart of AG&P’s manufacturing process is a streamlined production process that maximizes efficiencies to construct fully integrated modular infrastructure with reduced risk of cost and schedule overruns
  • Our control of the construction process enables AG&P to:
    • Closely monitor safety, quality and costs
    • Accelerate delivery timelines
    • Design and build mix-and-match tailored solutions through its suite of standardized equipment and technologies via its strategic partnerships, licenses and investments

Manufacturing facilities