AG&P develops and builds LNG import terminals in nascent markets around the world, providing a vital link to population centers that do not have access to natural gas. When required, AG&P invests in these terminals to facilitate the development of the downstream value chain.

Our LNG terminals act as gateways to enable land-based LNG applications. Our bunker vessels enable the use of LNG for maritime applications and our break-bulking solutions serve smaller markets, unlocking inaccessible latent demand. Our LNG terminals are built for significantly lower costs with faster delivery schedules.

AG&P has substantial presence in the LNG bunkering vessels and floating LNG terminals markets with specific expertise in the design and build of small-scale floating LNG terminals in Indonesia with other projects under development in Southeast Asia, Americas and Africa.

AG&P is a leader in the design, build, testing and commissioning of LNG bunkering vessels, floating storage and regasification (FSRUs, FRUs, FSUs and onshore variations) and LNG, dual-fuel applications for ships and other vehicles.