• AG&P simplifies the decision for customers to switch to LNG as an energy source
  • AG&P provides natural gas or LNG to power generation and other customers that are currently off-grid
  • AG&P offers the complete spectrum of infrastructure assets that enable LNG distribution and last-mile delivery to power plants, mines, bunker fuel operations, transportation fleets, cold storage and other industrial users
  • AG&P develops its own account, or in partnership, fully functional LNG import terminals and the supply chain required to efficiently move the natural gas or LNG (i.e. LNG trucks, LNG vessels, including shallow draft ships, pipelines when warranted, etc.). This is made possible by AG&P’s in-house LNG team by offering leadership, innovation and engineering, manufacturing and excellent commercial terms
  • AG&P’s solutions emphasize minimizing cost and schedule by using AG&P’s internal skills to engineer new solutions or select existing in-house solutions (fully or partially-owned) or solutions sold by a third-party
  • AG&P’s approach to develop the LNG supply chain includes leveraging existing terminals and building out individual elements required to connect customers to LNG supply
  • AG&P brings together upstream LNG supply and contracting, midstream transportation and downstream storage and regasification infrastructure to provide access to gas or LNG
  • AG&P offers customers a single interface and single-point accountability for projects and maintains control of planning, execution, delivery and logistics. The controlled environment provides for world-class quality and world-leading health and safety standards
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