April 2018: The rise of LNG in Asia

LNG Industry: Abhilesh Gupta, AG&P, India, outlines how the company is seeking to address Asia’s unmet gas demand with standardised modular supply chain solutions.

March 2018: India’s LNG import plans gather pace

Natural Gas World: With its growing population, fast expanding economy and rising per capita income, India is becoming a leading consumer of energy. LNG imports will play a bigger role, allowing coastal regions access to cleaner energy.

February 2018: AG&P’s General Counsel Marie Antonette (Tonet) Quiogue featured in People Asia magazine

A model for female empowerment and proof that women can break that proverbial glass ceiling, writes People Asia.

January 2018: How does the market address the lack of viable supply chains of LNG in emerging economies?

Nancy Ballout, AG&P Engineering, USA, discusses LNG infrastructure and its implementation in emerging economies.

January 2018: Budget 2018: Need to bet big on natural gas to fuel economic growth

ET Energyworld : India needs an overarching policy to support its plans to increase the share of natural gas in the energy mix and replace conventional fuels for household use as well as industrial utilities, AG&P’s Abhilesh Gupta writes.

January 2018: Why liquefied natural gas is critical to Kenya’s energy mix

At a recent environmental forum in Nairobi, the Kenya Government reaffirmed its intention to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using cleaner fuels and tapping into renewable energy sources, AG&P writes.

September 2017: Small-scale LNG slowly takes shape in Indonesia

With the global supply glut not expected to vanish anytime soon and new markets proving challenging, the LNG industry needs to find fresh ways of doing business.

August 2017: Why LNG is Indonesia’s best bet

Indonesia’s best bet for a sustainable and secure energy outlook is natural gas – and that opens an opportunity for imported LNG, AG&P writes.

May 2017: AG&P pushing new standardized LNG solutions

Pipeline Magazine sat down with Derek Thomas, Head-Advanced Research & Development AG&P during Gastech to learn about the firm's new integrated plug‐and‐play solutions for LNG supply network in Asia.

April 2017: Fueling Asian LNG markets

While Asia has abundant LNG supply, the region still lacks the right infrastructure and commercial arrangements to develop the necessary LNG supply networks to sustainably meet rising demand, AG&P’s Derek Thomas explains.

April 2017: Joining Forces

Derek Thomas, AG&P, USA, explains how partnerships in small scale LNG solutions will transform Indonesia.

December 2016: AG&P: Virtual pipelines to boost LNG fuelling uptake

Innovative approaches to the development of small- to mid-scale fueling infrastructure is vital for LNG to become the fuel of choice in the future, Derek Thomas, head of advanced research at AG&P told LNG Fuelling.

November 2016: LNG: Powering Southeast Asia

Standout growth series have been scarce since the global financial crisis of 2008, with resource-dependent economies further buffeted by pronounced falls in oil, gas and other commodity markets from 2014 onwards.

October 2016: LNG economics opens up Asian markets: AG&P

Improving technologies and lower LNG prices are opening doors for small and mid-scale infrastructure to serve markets not previously viable, according to Philippines-based Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company (AG&P).

October 2016: Flexible pipelines suit archipelagoes

The combination of lower wholesale gas prices, falling equipment costs and economic growth is driving power demand in regions that are difficult to access. These are positive signs for floating LNG projects.

August 2016: AG&P predicts LNG fueling growth in Southeast Asia

Declining costs of LNG coupled with technological advances have made LNG a more viable energy source for Southeast Asia, in particular for archipelagoes like Indonesia and the Philippines says AG&P.