AG&P’s scope for community assistance extends beyond its strong commitment to training. AG&P has been involved in a wide variety of community programs, including:

  • AG&P has led tree-planting initiatives in various barangays (villages) in Batangas in support of the national Filipino tree-greening programs. Our Park and Playground Development Project also helps to develop recreational areas for the local community.

  • In partnership with Risco Energy, AG&P sponsored the 2017 Clean Up Jakarta Day (CUJD) in Indonesia on October 8, 2017. CUJD is an annual event bringing together volunteers from different communities, organizations and schools for a one-day community clean up. AG&P is an active supporter of community clean ups, including the International Coastal Clean Up ‐ the world’s largest one-day volunteer effort.

  • AG&P spearheads an organic vegetable-farming program. We work alongside community residents and the Pilipinas Shell Foundation on this program. Through the Integrated Farming Bio-Systems training project, we also supply the local Bagaskan Center with affordable local organic produce.

  • AG&P conducts a Medical and Dental Mission, offering free medical and dental consultations and pharmaceuticals to community residents. About 1,500 to 2,000 local residents benefit from these programs in any given year. AG&P also started a Blood Donation Program to support the Philippine National Red Cross and Batangas Regional Hospital. Approximately 200 volunteers from various departments participate regularly in the program.

  • AG&P has launched various community programs aimed at assisting public elementary schools and students. In partnership with Books Across the Sea (BATS), the Asia Foundation and the Rotary Club of Makati, we donate assorted textbooks to public elementary schools in Bauan, supporting their growing demand for reading and reference materials. AG&P also sends representatives to repair classrooms and donates durable desks to schools.

  • The Saving Our Fellow Agapito Program aims to provides immediate and critical support to individuals and families affected by typhoons. Relief goods, mineral water and clothing are collected and sent to affected areas during times of natural disaster.

  • During the Yuletide season, AG&P donates used clothes, goods and various essential items to the underprivileged in our local barangay.

  • AG&P is a proud supporter of Habitat’s outstanding Philippines initiatives.