• AG&P has over 30 years of experience in the oil industry. We have fabricated various types of structures ranging from complex process modules to pressure vessels utilizing a range of steel and alloys across a range of stringent international standards. We have also supplied thousands of highly trained craft workers and professionals to support offshore and onshore projects worldwide. We have the ability to fabricate and modularize a wide variety of offshore and onshore products across the oil and gas value chain:
Offshore Small offshore jackets Topside modules Power/utilities modules
and skids
E-house and
instrumentation modules
Sub-sea templates Accommodation
Flare modules Jack-up modification and
FPSO topsides and skids
Special steel structures Loading pontoons

Onshore upstream modules

Central and early
production facilities
Separator/skids/PAUs Power modules Pressure vessels
Water treatment plants E-house and
instrumentation modules
Wellhead separators Accommodation

Onshore downstream modules

Refinery components (cokers,
crackers, pipe racks)
LNG modules Gas processing/fractionalization/
treatment/compression plants
Petrochemical and fertilizer plants
(olefin units, nylon plants)
Fired heaters Heat exchangers E-house and
instrumentation modules
Oil and gas tank farms
Pipelines Pumping stations Loading pontoons Accommodation modules