• The sharp decline in oil and gas prices has resulted in developers around the world cutting spending on upstream exploration and production. But, bright spots exist. Industries such as refining, chemicals, petrochemicals and LNG-fueled power, bunkering, industrial and transportation are benefitting from cheap fuel as feedstock
  • Demand for cleaner and more accessible sources of fuel and energy is therefore growing substantially, particularly in emerging economies
  • AG&P provides the complete spectrum of infrastructure assets that enable LNG distribution and last-mile delivery to power plants, mines, bunker fuel operations, transportation fleets, cold storage and other industrial applications worldwide
  • Growing from AG&P’s unique alliances, comprehensive processes, control systems and the enormous physical plant of its modularization business, AG&P can deliver a whole terminal and sell tolled gas. Customers can pick and choose from our portfolio of standardized products:

Floating and onshore storage

Floating and onshore regasification

Fuel bunkering


LNG filling stations

LNG transfer

LNG trucking and logistics

Mobile port

Specialized platform and mooring infrastructure

Stand-alone LNG equipment