Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila (AG&P) is a global leader in infrastructure modularization, construction and gas logistics including LNG import, break-bulk and LNG distribution. For more than 118 years, AG&P has been delivering its innovative products and services to the energy, resources and industrial sectors worldwide. With four lines of business: LNG Terminals, LNG Distribution, Modular Construction and Onsite Construction, the world’s leading safety record and a AAAA contractors rating, AG&P continues to change the way the construction world does business.

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March 2018: Diversifying Africa’s energy mix

Karthik Sathyamoorthy, AG&P LNG Marketing President, explains to CNBC how AG&P’s unique solutions will bridge the LNG supply-demand gap in Africa.
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February 2018: Karaikal LNG import terminal project moving ahead rapidly

AG&P’s first major LNG import terminal project at the Port of Karaikal in Puducherry on India’s southeast coast is progressing rapidly and remains on track to be operational in 2019.
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February 2018: AG&P reaches 48 million consecutive man-hours without LTI

AG&P has achieved 48 million consecutive man-hours without LTI, reaching another world-leading safety milestone.
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Feature articles

February 2018: AG&P’s General Counsel Marie Antonette (Tonet) Quiogue featured in People Asia magazine

A model for female empowerment and proof that women can break that proverbial glass ceiling, writes People Asia.
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February 2018: How does the market address the lack of viable supply chains of LNG in emerging economies?

Nancy Ballout, AG&P Engineering, USA, discusses LNG infrastructure and its implementation in emerging economies.
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January 2018: Budget 2018: Need to bet big on natural gas to fuel economic growth

ET Energyworld : India needs an overarching policy to support its plans to increase the share of natural gas in the energy mix as well as industrial utilities, AG&P’s Abhilesh Gupta writes.
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Global Forum on Infrastructure Strategies

The first Global Forum on Infrastructure Strategies will be held in Manila, Philippines on December 8, 2017. Stay tuned for more details on AG&P's participation.


Maritime Week Africa

Maritime Week Africa will be held in Capetown, South Africa on December 13-14, 2017. AG&P will be discussing how its infrastructure solutions will transform South and South-West Africa into an energy hub. Stay tuned for more details.


Asia Pacific (APAC) Energy Assembly

The 2018 APAC Assembly will be held in Singapore on January 24-25, 2018. Stay tuned for more details on AG&P’s participation.

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